Friday, October 26, 2007

DuffelBag Boy

Happy Friday peeps. For all you hiphop heads out there, you've probably already heard about the "beef" between Jersey's very own, Joe Budden and Duffelbag Ran. Personally, I'm a fan of Joe Budden, and lets be honest, we all know that Jumpoff gave it to Ransom (no homo) with his response (Heart of the City) to Ransom's diss track Kid Brother. Anyways, Ransom was a dude I paid no mind to on my daily visit to's audio section, but now I peep his shit, I wanna hear more dirt on Joe (Don't you?). To keep me interested in this beef, (in a era where beef's are as common as houseflies) he needs to step his diss game up tho. It's a shame close friends like these two niggaz gotta be beefin, niggaz used to sleep on each other's floors... come on now. But like Joe said "It's family bullshit" and they can put this beside them. (After a few classic diss tracks)

Peep the duffelbag boy tattoo on homeboy's arm. maybe Wayne is on his dick. I'm just sayin.


KillA said...

Okay LIL WIzzle Will samsh buffle bag boi and joe shitbudden....YA DIg

Killa said...
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Ya dig said...

Young Money Cash Money Nigga

ChiMoneyXL said...

Why can't we be professionals in this bitch?

Wallahi said...

UR whack Check out my

Anonymous said...

great blgl oskking forward to seeying morue

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